Tuesday, August 26, 2008

World Tour!

This week's "Around the World" meal will be on Thursday as scheduled. All indgredients have been procured, dessert will be made tomorrow to sit overnight, and I even got the meat the recipe called for! I never do that! (it was the cheapest meat.... that's why)

A clue maybe? To tantalize your tiny taste buds? (hee hee, aliteration!)

Come with me, friends, as we search high and low
For foods of all sorts, with names I don't know.

Bottles of "pressed grapes" abound,
And "slippers" are bread, and made sometimes round!

We eat lots of their food and play their old games world wide,
No cheese on their fish, by that rule they abide.

You may not guess easily, or even give a hoot,
But if you don't like the food, I'll give you the "boot"!

Good luck, and you'll see Thursday night! :-)

5 Tasty Tidbits:

Lisa Conmara said...

Ah Italia! We're just back from a long stint there, just south of Rome, we're lucky enough to have a summer house there. Have a look at my posts from a few weeks ago, if you're doing tiramisu I have a great recipe on there! I love this around the world venture Michelle, its really inspiring!

Michelle said...

I am so jealous! A summer house!!! Well, hopefully I picked some good recipes! :-)

Stephanie said...

I love the new template - very cute!

Stephanie said...

I made your Broiled Eggplant with Garlic Sauce. Wow. I'll be posting about it in the next couple of days (I don't want to put too many posts up per day, it gets overwhelming). I loved this recipe!

Michelle said...

So glad you liked it! I think it is best with firm fresh eggplant... My mouth just started watering, because I am remembering the garlicky sauce... :-)