Saturday, September 20, 2008

Around the World

Okay, I have been seriously stressed out. To the point where for 3 days in a row I was having to take pills to head off the migraine approaching. You know, the headaches that can make you nauseous because you know they are going to hurt like crazy? Yeah. And then while I was trying to pull the menu together for our dinner I started getting heartburn too!

I made the executive decision to take a week off of the tour. It has been starting to feel more like work than something fun to do, so a mini vacation is probably a good thing. As soon as I decided to take a week off and let my friends know, the headache that was beginning for the 4th day went away, and so did the heartburn.

Sorry to keep you guys waiting, but next Saturday will be awesome since I can have time to pull it together without stressing, and will be able to enjoy it again. Lots of love, and thanks for understanding! :-)

2 Tasty Tidbits:

Stephanie said...

Oh, those migraines are no fun at all! I get them all the time. That's cool that you were able to make it go away, just by removing one item of stress.

Look forward to seeing next week's tour!

Lisa said...

I think sometimes blogging can be a lot of pressure on the weeks when there is a lot on... You are amazing for doing a daily blog anyway! APPLAUSE!