Friday, October 17, 2008


This was actually a recipe I pulled from my Mom's recipe book. She got it from a friend at one point, so this particular recipe's origins are unknown. I do not remember my Mom every making this at home, but it sounded fantastic so I will made it myself.

The only thing I had to buy were the green chilies, everything else I already had in stock, so it was a very cheap meal. Especially since everything else previously in the pantry, fridge, or freezer was pretty much bought on sale!

4-5 lb roast, I used pork but it called for beef
2 cups salsa
2 cas chopped green chilies
1 chopped onion
bag of tortillas
oil for frying

Cook roast in crock pot on low, 6-8 hours, or until tender. Drain off liquid, save for another recipe if you like, and shred meat. Place back in crock pot.

Mix in the salsa, green chilies, and onions. Cook on low anther 2 hours.

Roll up in tortillas, with cheese if you like, and we did. Secure the tortilla with toothpicks, and deep fry in oil.

I guess you could bake them if you'd like, but I have had deep fryed and they are really good. The tortilla gets nice and crispy! My husband really liked these! My kids liked them, I loved them! They are good for freezing too. After securing with toothpicks, wrap in saran wrap and place in a freezer bag. Microwave or bake when you want one. Or thaw thoroughly and fry! I don't know how authentic they are, but they taste yummy enough to me!

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Elle said...

Oh my gosh, I loooove chimichangas! These look fabulous, and with some rice and beans, you've got a great meal.